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Riverhorse on Main hosts the James Beard Foundation "Celebrity Chef Tour" on Sept. 24 in Park City giving gourmands the chance for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Calling all foodies! The much-anticipated James Beard Foundation "Celebrity Chef Tour" rolls into Park City on September 24th. During this fun and toothsome event, six of the U.S.'s top chefs will take over the kitchen at Riverhorse on Main to cook up a storm for a "night you and your taste buds won't want to miss," according to Seth Adams, Riverhorse on Main executive chef.

For the uninitiated, the James Beard Foundation is the legacy of celebrated American cookbook author, teacher, and television personality who dedicated his life to championing American cuisine and mentoring professional chefs and food enthusiasts. The James Beard House in Greenwich Village is now one of the most sought-after dining spots in New York thanks to the unforgettable culinary experiences served up by visiting chefs from around the country. The Celebrity Chef tour aims to bring this exact spirit along with it, offering participants the opportunity to not only taste exquisite dishes, but also to interact with the chefs who dreamt them up and better understand the craft behind their food. 

Meet the "Rock Star" Line-up of Chefs

These six chefs will be coming up with a multi-course meal like no other. Each brings their own artistry and craftsmanship to the table. All the proceeds from the event will be used by the James Beard Foundation for their educational initiatives, culinary awards, and annual national foods conference. 


Would you like to get in on one of the best culinary experiences around? Grab your tickets for September 24th and prepare to be wined and dined by these culinary wizards!


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