Spotted: 'Gossip Girl' Blair Waldorf Wears Our Vera Wang Cover Gown!

By Tessa Woolf January 18, 2012

Did you watch Gossip Girl on Monday night? In case you missed this week's episode, allow us to catch you up to speed: Blair and Chuck survived the car crash, and although Blair still loves Chuck, she feels she should follow through with her commitment to wed Prince Louis. That's pretty much what went down in a nutshell.

The highlight of the episode for us, though, was seeing bride-to-be Blair Waldorf (aka Leighton Meester) inside Vera Wang's NYC boutique trying on her wedding gown for her pending royal nuptials. (Not a surprising choice of bridal designer for the show, considering in real life Meester is the face of Wang's perfume Lovestruck.) But here's the best part: Waldorf's Vera Wang dress is the same dress we featured on the cover of our new winter/spring 2012 issue!

Exhibit A: Blair Waldorf in Vera Wang

Exhibit B: Alex, our beautiful model, in Vera Wang

We must say, you have great taste Miss Waldorf (and Mrs. Wang)!

If you were curious what the skirt of our cover gown looked like, now you know! We adore this dreamy gown, from the gorgeous beaded bodice to the frothy swirled skirt. We'd agree this dress is fit for a princess (or an actress who plays one on TV)--wouldn't you?

{Gossip Girl image via Glamazon Diaries}


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