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You’ve likely heard of the Bermuda Triangle: that legendary swath of the Atlantic where planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared. Though far from any ocean, Park City boasts its own mystical apex, comprising four (versus three) restaurants/clubs on Historic Main Street. The fondly-referred-to “Bar-muda Triangle” represents every aspect of Park City’s colorful nightlife.

Located within stumbling distance of each other, the Bar-muda Triangle includes Flanagan’s on Main (restaurant/bar), Silver (restaurant/club), Park City Live (concert venue/nightclub), and No Name Saloon & Grill (restaurant/bar). 

“In 1990 John ‘Jenks’ Jenkins, Steve Bennett, and I opened Pop Jenks,” recounts Jesse Shetler, principal owner of No Name Saloon & Grill. “It was Jenks who coined the term Bar-muda Triangle.” Back then it consisted of The Club (now Robert Kelly Gallery), The Alamo (now No Name Saloon & Grill), Z Place (now Park City Live), and Pop Jenks (now Flanagan’s). And just as today, they represented the epicenter of Park City’s after-dark entertainment.

“I always say that PC Live is the 50-yard line of Main Street, as it’s in the heart of Park City,” says Kathryn Burns, CEO and owner of Park City Live. “The synergies among PC Live, Flanagan’s, Silver, and No Name make for an undeniable hub of fun on Main Street.” 

Everyone agrees. Rather than vie for customers, Bar-muda Triangle proprietors recommend each other when asked where to go for equally good food, drinks, and entertainment. “It’s not about competing,” says Shawn Hyer, general manager of Silver. “If we support each other, we end up sharing a dollar instead of fighting over a nickel.”

So, what’s the best way to navigate the Bar-muda Triangle? “Depends on what you want,” notes John “JK” Kenworthy, managing owner of Flanagan’s on Main. “Flanagan’s has one of the largest selections of fine whiskeys and imported drafts, No Name Saloon & Grill offers the best local beers (as well its famous Buffalo Burger), and no one beats Silver’s signature cocktails and martini bar. Add PC Live’s popular concert series, and you’re in for a night out you can’t get anywhere else.”

There’s no denying that Bar-muda Triangle’s mystique captures the hearts of both visitors and locals. Like riding a chairlift or skiing Wasatch powder, it’s an experience not to be missed. 

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