Royal Wedding Inspiration: The Dress

By Tessa Woolf April 28, 2011

It's the million dollar question: What will Kate Middleton wear to wed Prince William?

Her dress has remained a well-guarded secret, and chances are we won't have any clues as to her gown's design until tomorrow. But while we anxiously await Kate's grand entrance, let's daydream about what her dress might look like, shall we?

We've seen royal wedding-inspiration for the bouquet, the reception decor, the food and drink, and the cake, and now it's time to get a local take on the dress. I asked three of Utah's most posh bridal boutiques--Alta Moda Bridal, Gateway Bridal, and Avenia Bridal--what wedding gown they would pick for the princess-to-be.

From Alta Moda Bridal:

Leave it to royals to make big (and often desirable) shifts in trends. Victoria did it by wearing white, Diana did it with her grand train, and now Catherine may do it by wearing a sleeved gown. Often favored by nobility, sleeves are classic and refined.

My choice for the (almost) monarch bride would be this Monique Lhuillier lace a-line gown. It's elegant and opulent, but still has a subtle fashion edge, much like the princess-to-be.

From Gateway Bridal:

We picked this dress because Catherine has a wonderful sense of fashion and, like Kate, this Jane Wang dress is classic yet modern. 


We also liked that the detailing was just enough to accentuate her shape and still have a sense of sophistication and grace. The material is regal and would flow gracefully with her as she walks down the aisle.

From Avenia Bridal:

After much deliberation (and of course hours of fashion research!) the ladies of Avenía Bridal have chosen Juno by New York designer Junko Yoshioka for beautiful, fashionably modern Kate Middleton on her big day. (Note: We would not use the flower in the model's hair for this gown and absolutely not for the Royal Wedding!)

We love the modern twist on traditional that Juno brings to this long-awaited event.  The richness of the fabric, gorgeous silhouette, and exquisite cascading back for the aisle walk provide a royal touch.  We would request from designer Junko an addition of off-the-shoulder demi-sleeves with piping, and with that this gown would be well suited for the modern princess Kate whom we all adore. 

Juno would be paired with British shoe company Benjamin Adams’ shoe Catherine (design inspired  by Ms. Middleton) and a stunning beaded belt Kristine 785 by accessory designer Erin Cole to complete the look and balance out Kate’s much anticipated tiara. 

Thank you ladies for your style-savvy picks! I think each of these gowns would look smashing on Kate. As for my fashion pick for the princess-to-be, I would be willing to bet she chooses a style similar to Alta Moda's longe sleeve lace Monique Lhuillier gown...the sleeves, the lace, the sleek silhouette, it all feels very Ms. Middleton to me. We'll all just have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out!

If you're planning on pulling an all-nighter like me to watch the big event, I send you happy Royal Wedding watching wishes! I'll be back tomorrow to share my thoughts on the big day. Until then, cheerio!