At the Park City Farmer's Market

Meet the Woman Selling Hip Duds from a Vintage Airstream

Fashionable, locally made designs and affordable prices come together at Ali Burgess's Stilo Stream.

By Rachel Day June 12, 2017

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Ali Burgess shows off her inventory of fashionable, local clothing and accessories in her mobile boutique Stilo Stream. 

Image: Stilo Stream

Last Wednesday afternoon, amid vendors selling early-season produce and handmade soaps, Ali Burgess was hard at work inside her silver vintage Airstream trailer restocking her display of trendy clothing. Burgess runs her boutique business, Stilo Stream, through the showroom inside the vintage camper which she parks at the edge of the farmer's market at Canyon’s Village every Wednesday.  In fact, though she now hauls Stilo Stream to several locales throughout Utah, she launched her mobile boutique right in Park City at the farmer’s market three years ago. “I loved the idea of using an Airstream and the flexibility it gives me wherever I go,” Burgess says. "It might be small, but it allows me to oversee all of my inventory and quickly recommend customers to certain pieces I think they would enjoy." She even has a small dressing room towards the rear of the room.

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A happy customer showing off one of the looks you can expect to find at Stilo Stream

Image: Stilo Stream

Burgess went to design school where she earned a degree in textiles. Eventually she moved to Arizona, but found something was missing. Answering her desire to to return to a region with seasons, Burgess settled on Utah and launched Stilo Stream. But rather than basing her business on the classic premise of a boutique--a store carrying trendy pieces more unique than what could be found in a chain store with a steep mark up--the success of Stilo Stream is based on affordability, sourcing from nearby whenever possible, and giving back. “Most of my clients are active women of all ages so I try to keep things affordable,” Burgess explains. She's also a big supporter of local designers, frequently going to them for clothing and accessories, and giving back to the community. “Everything I do, I try to stay local," Burgess says. What's more, a percentage of the proceeds from all the accessories she sells goes to charities, including The Giving Keys, an organization that creates employment opportunities for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. She also sells scarves from an artist who has pledged to create a blanket for a child in foster care for every scarf sold. 

Summer shopping can seem daunting, but with the customized intimacy that Stilo Stream provides, along with its efforts to give back to the community, you're in for a treat. Burgess takes the dread of rummaging through tags to find a bargain and instead gives you a cost effective and individualized experience that leaves shoppers stylish and guilt-free. 

You can find Stilo Stream at the Canyon's Village Farmers Market every Wednesday from 12-6 p.m. or in Salt Lake City at locations she posts via her Instagram

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