Silver Creek is an unusual mix of horse fields, farmhouses, and fancy new estates—with plenty of breathing room.

Image: Steven Vargo

Real estate agent Peg Marty remembers snowmobiling from her Silver Creek home to her parked car at the junction of Interstate 80 and US Highway 40. “And I did it while pregnant and with my three-year-old!” she laughs.

Back then, in the ’70s, Silver Creek was for rugged individualists looking for cheap, wide-open spaces to build hunting cabins or dream homes. Today, the low-rent district is quickly morphing toward the chic, with new Deer Valley–like estates comfortably fit among grazing horses and sheep, snowmobile graveyards, old A-frames, and even a settlement of polygamists.

“It’s definitely eclectic with a rundown house next to a new estate,” resident Rob Lea says. “But as Park City gets more crowded, there’s an allure to having more elbow room.” Residents enjoy expansive views of the Wasatch stretching from Utah Olympic Park to Deer Valley, horse and bike trails connecting to the greater Park City trail system, and the lack of homeowners association rules that stifle individuality.

Residents maintain a perennial, good-natured argument over whether side roads should be dirt or pavement, and another over whether the entry corridor should be left “junky” or be landscaped like the fancy subdivisions. 

Meanwhile, that entry area is also changing quickly. Little Miners Montessori school, Park City Pet Resort, and mixed-use office buildings have been developed; two trendy manufacturers, Alpine Distilling  and Jafflz toasted pocket sandwiches have also joined the neighborhood. And for the more conventional homeowner, the new, smaller-lot East Creek Ranch subdivision is nearing completion.

But it all pales in comparison to the 1,000-plus residential units and 50,000 square feet of commercial space slated for 244 acres down the road, on the southeast quadrant of Interstate 80 and Highway 40. This “outlier” still has a lot of breathing room.


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