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Orangetheory Park City

Image: Orange Theory

As much about community as it is about fitness, The Beau Collective (3770 Hwy 224, 435.729.9425) offers members high-energy, 45-minute cardio circuit classes in 12-week blocks at the Beau Co Barn. Not into a multiweek commitment? Try the $10 walk-in happy hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 p.m.

CrossFit Park City (2780 Rasmussen Rd, 435.615.2000) takes fitness seriously while preserving a casual vibe. Instructor Doug Zakaras is technical and knowledgeable and seals the deal for his students with genius playlists to get them through the tough times; his ’80s rap mix is our fave.

Orangetheory (1678 W Redstone Center Dr, 435.575.5575) disciples love the one-hour full-body (HIITS) workouts that combine rowing, running, and weights. Yes, your stats are displayed on the screen for all to see—but remember, you’re only competing against yourself. (Tara Giberson is an OT instructor who rocks.)

“Best workout in Park City” is a common exclamation about the recent addition of Pure Barre Park City to Kimball Junction (1708 Uinta Way, 435.214.7430). Don’t be fooled by the low-impact, tiny movements in classes—they create big transformations.

When the snow is coming down and you want your heart rate up, hit a spin class at the PC-MARC (1200 Little Kate Rd, 435.615.5400). Miranda Lyle is known for her high-energy beats. If you’re a serious cyclist looking for a more technical and goal-oriented focus, Max Testa’s will get you in peloton shape, fast.

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