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Peace Out

Park City Peace Cakes pancake mix not only helps support Peace House, a local women’s shelter, but it’s über-nutritious. Created by Park City moms Carey Hopkins and Kristen Sumsion, ingredients include oatmeal with hints of cinnamon and buttermilk. Flip some soon.

Kissable Hands

Have you ever put lotion on your hands and then tried to pick up a knife or handle food? Oops! No worries with Woodland-based Limoncello Kitchen’s all natural, eco-friendly, olive oil–based lotions. They moisturize but leave no trace of chemicals or perfumes.

Cherry Baby

Parkite Jake Boyd’s line of Allgood Provisions features organically grown goodness, including Utah red tart cherries, dried and lightly sweetened with cane sugar; trail mix; or these delicious sun-dried cranberries from the Pacific Northwest. Snack, bake, or toss into your cereal.

Pure & Simple

Nothing beats a family recipe that gets it just right. Small-batch, handmade granola from A Lyttle Goodness does it with a timeless blend of organic oats, honey, organic walnuts, and fruit. 

Magic Mustard

Leave it to the chefs at Deer Valley Resort to create and package an inspired condiment. Fireside Fig Grain Mustard includes an enticing touch of sherry vinegar. Slather on sandwiches or savor with your own raclette.

Good Chew

Why even try another jerky when we’ve got the real, gotta-have-it deal from Samak Smokehouse in Kamas? Like all of their products, all-natural 5-Star Beef Jerky is seriously addictive.

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