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A Free Day at the Museum

Check out all the permanent displays and the new exhibit "The Way We Worked" on November 14 when Park City Museum offers free admission.

By Michaela Wagner November 9, 2017

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On November 14 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., you can visit the Park City Museum and check out the traveling exhibit The Way We Worked for free. 

It's not every small town that has a treasure like the Park City Museum. The museum is three floors full of interesting and interactive history about our little ski town, from the rough-and-tumble mining days through the development of the ski industry and houses a dungeon (the former jail) to boot. If you've never been or want to visit again, then mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 14 when entry is free of charge all day. 

In addition to the numerous permanent exhibits detailing Park City's history, the museum is currently hosting The Way We Worked in the Trozer Gallery through January 10, 2018. A collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and State Humanities Councils, the exhibit highlights the people who built America from the ground up: workers. Through photographs, artifacts, and compelling stories, you can travel through time and discover the diverse number of jobs and workplaces that Americans dedicated their lives to. Starting in the mid-19th century and moving forward into the 20th, the 150 years examined highlights the diversity of the American workforce, how the American dream attracted immigrants who wanted to build better lives, and the monumental shift from farms, factories, and mills to offices, stores, and restaurants.  

The Way We Worked ties in closely to Park City's own history where mining not only attracted a vast workforce of miners, but also a myriad of others, including loggers, builders, bankers, and more. Fast forward to today, many of those jobs are gone, replaced by a robust ski and outdoor adventure tourism that continues to attract hundreds of workers to our town. You can delve into Park City's history, the societal riffs, and more through the museum's permanent exhibitions, including Mega Mine and Days of Ore, Muckers & Millionaires, Living in Park City, and more. 

See you at the museum!

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