Blue Jean Baby: Denim Jackets & Chambray Shirts with Wedding Dresses

By Tessa Woolf July 24, 2013

In honor of Pioneer Day (or "Pie and Beer Day," as we lovingly refer to the holiday in the SLPCBG office), we're highlighting some western-inspired trends and ideas for weddings in the Beehive State on the blog this week.

We're kicking things off with an emerging bridal fashion trend and new twist on "something blue": Chambray shirts and denim jackets with wedding dresses. Now, in our rule book, denim and weddings are like tequila and gin--you really shouldn't mix the two. But, we have to admit, we've taken a liking to the look. Especially when the chambray shirt is tucked, tied, or belted, and the denim jacket is fitted, cropped, and cuffed. Colorful sunnies and cute footwear sweeten the style.

What's your verdict? Are chambray shirts and denim jackets with wedding dresses an "I do" or an "I don't" in your rule book? Share your thoughts below!

Images: 1 One Love Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // 2 Grey Likes Weddings // 3 Glitter Weddings // 4 Ylfa Gronvold; The Bride's Cafe // 5 The Bride's Cafe // 6 The Bride's Cafe

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