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From hiking to biking, skiing, and beyond, we put our feet through the paces in Park City so take the time to pamper your feet with a professional pedicure.

After a few days on the slopes or hitting the trail in Park City, your feet are probably feeling a bit beat up and in need of some TLC. What better way to give them that than a pedicure. Not only is this a time-honored cure (dating back to ancient Egypt) if you're looking for a pampering, pedicures also come with an number of health benefits, including improved nail health, prevention of blisters, and removal of dead skin sells. And yes, it's perfectly acceptable for men to indulge in a pedi. Here are five great places to kick back, relax, and treat your feet. 

Nails La Belle

Located in the Pinebrook neighborhood, Nails La Belle (3126 Quarry Village Road, Ste D) offers pedicures at three levels. If you're just looking for the basic maintenance--cut, trim, and polish--start with the Time Saver pedicure; you'll be in and out the door in 30 minutes and at a neat price of $21 to boot. Those with more time on their hands may opt for the hour long Spa Pedicure ($37) or an even longer 90 minute Spa Pedicure with an extra massage ($46). They do take walk-ins, but its best to make an appointment if you don't want to risk waiting. 

Tips and Toes Nail Salon

For a no frills, just the essentials, in-and-out type of pedicure, try Tip & Toe Nail Salon (1612 Ute Blvd, Ste 21). You can get an all-inclusive pedicure for $30 and be done in around 35 minutes. This small salon has just six chairs so its best to call for an appointment, especially once sandal season begins. 

Nails On Main

For a nail experience in the heart of Old Town, head up to Nails On Main (255 Main St, Ste C) where you can get your pedicure with a view. This shop specializes in manis and pedis sans chemicals, including the nail polish. A basic pedicure starts at $45, but you can up the experience to include to include an organic sugar scrub and Eco-Fin treatment if you want to spring for the Spa version ($65). You can even spice up your nails with some impressive hand painted nail art! 

Waldorf Astoria Spa

Ready for a splurge? Take your pedicure to the next level at the Waldorf Astoria Spa (2100 Frostwood Dr). Kick back and relax in a cushy leather chair while expert technicians treat your feet to a luxurious experience. For pedicure only appointments, the Waldorf offers French ($94), Shellac ($110), Spa ($88), and Signature ($99) treatments. Pro tip: Schedule your appointment before 2 p.m. and enjoy a 10 percent discount! Utah locals can also snag an 80 minute signature facial or massages at 50 percent off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Plus, access to the steam room, tea lounge, and outdoor pools on the day of your treatment.)

The Spa at Stein Eriksen Lodge

If you're not in a hurry and truly want to give your feet a five star pampering, head over to the Stein Eriksen Lodge (7700 Stein Way). The in-house spa offers two high-end pedicures that will make your feet feel like they died and went to heaven. Go all out with the Stein Signature Pedicure ($120), an 80 minute session complete with foot soak, calf and foot hot stone massage, paraffin treatment, and a top quality polish. Have a little less time on your hands? Try the 50 minute Alpine Pedicure ($95), focused on hydration, it leaves your feet looking pretty and feeling silky smooth.