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Fast track your summer fashion with fabulous thrift store finds. 

Image: Rachel Day

Main Street's clothing boutiques are always stocked with hip duds and designer fashion, but if blowing your entire paycheck on a pair of jeans seems excessive, we suggest you pop into one of our town's thrift shops. With a little bit of digging and plenty of patience, you can find just about everything from designer denim to custom-made furniture. Plus, in addition to the "I got the best deal ever" euphoria, you can also give yourself a pat on the back for recycling and supporting local business. Here are three thrift shops located in and nearby Park City to help kickstart your summer wardrobe for dirt cheap.

The Exchange Consignment

Be prepared to take a lot in when entering Park City's local thrift shop The Exchange Consignment (1250 Iron Horse Dr), including the shop’s two Chihuahua greeters. The small store is packed with interesting pieces, each with a handwritten price tag. One aspect that makes this place different from other thrift stores is its collection of professional clothing--the store stocks blazers and slacks for both men and women in nearly every size. But the most interesting area in the store, by far, is the back room which is filled with vintage clothing, boots, and accessories. The best part: an entire wall devoted to shelves of old cowboys boots in every color and size imaginable. Another wall houses a collection of beaded purses and old-school makeup compacts. A table of belts in endless shades of leather sits centered before racks of suede fringe jackets. While perhaps not as budget minded as other thrift shops, The Exchange Consignment is the perfect place to find something higher end (there's even some Dolce and Gabbana) that can work for dressier summer looks.

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The cowboy boot wall at The Exchange Consignment

Image: Rachel Day

Thrift Shop at the Christian Center

The Christian Center at Park City is well-known for its food pantry, but they also have a thrift shop (next to the food bank) and boutique (around the side of the building). While the clothing options may be minimal when compared to conventional stores you can find the occasional treasure, including ski and snowboard boots, golf bags and clubs, and household accessories. You never know what you're going to find. Best of all, the prices are next to nothing (a pair of Full Tilt ski boots for 25 cents!) and the staff is incredibly friendly. If you pay with cash or card, try to leave a donation too; the center uses the funds to help with the upkeep of the food pantry so they can continue to serve the community. 

Right at Home

Thrifting doesn’t always mean clothes, they're also a great place to find quality home goods without spending money on something brand new. Right at Home offers new and used "furniture, rarities, and curiosities." The store is a perfect place to find decorating inspiration for furniture, art, and accessories. All their pieces are stylish and in great condition. You can even check their inventory on their website before driving to the store. Whether you’re in search for the perfect picture frame or an entire new dining table set, Right at Home supplies for all.

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Long racks of clothing at Uptown Cheapskate

Image: Rachel Day

Uptown Cheapskate

The quintessential store for every thrift shopper in Salt Lake City has to be Uptown Cheapskate (2120 S 1300 East and 353 W 200 South). In their Sugarhouse location, you'll find a vast array of clothing for men and women, organized to perfection by type (skirts in one section, dresses in the next) and size. While most thrift stores carry primarily clothing for women, here the split is about 50/50. The size of the store can be a bit daunting, but you'll want to take the time to look through everything because the variety that Uptown Cheapskate offers is fantastic. This isn't the average consignment store, selling brand names like Nike, Lululemon, J. Crew, and more at a fraction of the original pricing. If you're cleaning out your closet, you can trade your brand clothing for cash on the spot.


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