Badgers are one the many animals living in Park City

Image: Shutterstock

The Park City area is home to a surprising diversity of wildlife, including badgers drawn to the area by an abundance of rodents. These members of the weasel family sport a distinctive white stripe from nose to forehead. Weighing 15 to 20 pounds, they use powerful claws to dig for burrowing rodents. In fact, they are the only North American burrower that eats other burrowers. Badgers are nocturnal hunters but can often be seen lounging in the early morning or late afternoon. Look for them along the Rail Trail from Quinn’s Junction to Wanship, good habitat for tasty ground squirrels and marmots. But don’t get too close. Badgers can be aggressive and very vocal if approached, especially in early summer when females are still nursing their young, called kits. If you let your dog chase a badger, your next stop will be at the local vet for stitches. Above all, avoid letting your kitty out at night; badgers are not picky eaters

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