Saddle Up

Welcome to Horse Country

Much of the area around Park City is classic western horse country. Here's how to enjoy and experience it, whether from the saddle or outside the corral.

By Leslie Miller June 1, 2012

The iconic symbol of the American West runs at wind speed. It is intuitive and intelligent. Horses fear almost everything, especially humans. Prey animals such as horses recognize us as predators, so understanding one another is difficult. Yet somehow, these remarkable animals overcome instinctive fear and learn to trust us. In this extraordinary alliance forged between prey and predator, Equus remains a noble example of adaptability. Horses work our fields, transport goods, and wage battle in our wars. They race, hunt, and jump for our pleasure. And good horses are indispensable to working cowhands. Luckily for us, much of the area around Park City is classic western horse country, a rich landscape where we can admire and experience the natural beauty and versatile nature of these legendary creatures. Enjoy the ride.

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