What a week. And it’s not even Friday. As a social justice-fueled, eye-opening and heart-wrenching time churns alongside a pandemic, it’s even stranger to consider that Utah is now more than a week into “stabilization.” For the cautiously optimistic, this yellow-coded phase has its bright side. Here are a few signs of new normalcy in the Park.

Baseball season is back in Park City (note the small red dots warming up on the field below).

Image: Jane Gendron

Behold: The Crack of a Bat

Young athletes have begun to fill fields that have stood empty for months. Sure, hand-sanitizer may be as ever-present as water bottles, but so are the smiles. Tuesday night, for example, the umpire stood behind home plate, calling balls and strikes as kids got back into the swing of, well, being kids. Fans sat apart, no high fives were permitted, and the cheers were done sans team huddle. But, as innings passed one after each other, it felt like summertime, the way it used to be.

Restaurant dining has begun, with appropriately spaced tables on decks and indoors.

Eat Out

You get used to face-masked servers in a hurry, particularly when sitting on a deck—suitably spaced apart from the nearest table—and tucking into that favorite dish. Dining is back at many establishments in town. See parkcityrestaurants.com for the latest updates on dine-in and curbside options. Be sure to pick up the phone and check with your favorite eatery to check on hours, protocols, and reservation options.

At Monday's student-activist organized, socially distant and peaceful protest, Parkites took a knee in solidarity with the nation-wide call for justice.

Social awareness, the new normal

Social distancing has ceded its throne to social awareness, particularly this week. A group of student-activists at Park City High School staged a peaceful protest on Monday, where a few hundred Parkites took a knee in solidarity with the cry for social justice following George Floyd’s death. Park City—along with the nation—has been made aware that all is not quite right in the world and hasn’t been for quite some time. And speaking of awareness, Park City Rotary is heading up a drive to stock The Christian Center with hygiene and cleaning supplies (think soap, tooth brushes, feminine products) this Saturday, June 6, 9 a.m.–noon. Drive by the now-open Outlets Park City and a volunteer will grab donations out of the trunk of your car.

Calendar no longer empty

Happenings are starting to happen. The Oakley Rodeo is on this July—with revised guidelines and limited seating (check the city's website and social media for the latest). Nonprofits, like the Egyptian Theatre and Summit Community Gardens are putting together petite gatherings—small performances for the former’s Pharaoh Club members, and a by-reservation Dinner in the Garden series and workshops for the latter. And, thanks to a new pedestrian-only Sunday plan on Main Street, Old Town should get buzzing in the warmer months, despite this summer’s cancellation of the typically crowded Park Silly Sunday Market.

Social distancing is still in effect, of course. Stay well. Stay kind. And savor a taste of the new normalcy.