Early snow didn't stop this green team--made up of Ivory Homes and Swaner volunteers-- from planting 1,200 trees of 8 native species along a quarter mile of the East Canyon Creek, just west of the Spring Creek Trail Head last weekend. The project was part of a larger 30,000 tree planting initiative by Ivory Homes (Park City Heights neighborhood developer) to commemorate 30 years in Utah.

The planting was one of the largest restoration projects on the Preserve and will have significant impacts for local wildlife. "This restoration effort will transform 6 acres of invasive grassland into valuable habitat for local fauna, including moose, elk, beaver, and over 100 species of birds," says Drew Potter, the Conservation Coordinator at the Swaner. "These plantings will also improve water quality in East Canyon Creek by increasing dissolved oxygen levels, improving cold water fishery habitat. This restored habitat will provide ecosystem services for generations to come, and all the trees were planted with volunteer effort."

Swaner's next major volunteer effort will involve spreading 600 pounds of seed of 10 native species across 30 acres on the southern portion of the Preserve. This will provide competition with invasive species, helping them control the weeds while providing habitat and forage for local fauna. The effort will take place sometime in December. Dates will be posted on the event calendar via swanerecocenter.org when they are confirmed.

Great work to all the volunteers!