Closing day at Park City Mountain Resort always comes with its share of shenanigans. The slopes are sparse, tourists few and far in between, meaning it's the time for locals to come out and play. Snowy conditions saw the annual pond skimming competition rescheduled for the final weekend. The 2017 Pond Skimming Competition came in two installments on April 15 & 16 with a big crowd turning out to catch the delightful costumes and even better splashes from contestants daring enough to attempt to skim across the 30-degree pond. One of the highlights was, undoubtedly the topical United Airlines team, featuring three crew members beating up on a doctor. 

As always, final day included an official concert and àpres activities put on by the resort and the long-standing tradition of unofficial festivities scattered across the mountain. Eventually, everyone pumped themselves up enough to take that last, fantastic run from T to B. See you next year!

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