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Greg DuPratt (left) and Jeff Nielsen work on removing bindings to create the shot ski. 

When 1,000-plus people lined Park City’s Main Street on October 22, 2016, to take a simultaneous sip from a 1,961-foot-long shot ski, it was for more than just a chance to take the title of “World’s Longest Shot Ski” away from Breckenridge, Colorado. The event was the Park City Sunrise Rotary’s newest—and very apropos—way to draw attention to its expanding club and mission of community service. “We thought [Park City] would really embrace the event,” says Sunrise Rotary President Pam Woll. “It also sets up a friendly rivalry with the Breckenridge Mountain Rotary Club, which had more than 800 people participate last year.”

Woll was among a group of Park City residents who founded the Sunrise Rotary, an offshoot of the Park City Rotary Club, in 1999. “The original Rotary meets at lunchtime, and I can never get away at that time of the day,” she says. Speakers are a part of the club’s weekly meetings. But most of this energetic group’s early morning time is spent planning service projects, which in addition to creative fundraisers like the shot ski event, include an annual Christmas party for the local Latino community, hazardous waste collection days, and serving dinner at the homeless-teen shelter in Salt Lake City, to name just a few.

With members ranging in age from late 20s to retirees, including plenty of female members, Woll noted folks might be most surprised to learn about the diversity of age and gender as well as its casual nature. “It’s not like the Rotary my grandfather belonged to,” Woll says. “If you wear a tie you get fined,” she added with a grin. 

As for the shot ski record attempt? The Sunrise Rotarians handily beat Breckenridge’s record, raised more than $10,000 for local nonprofits, and proved once again that you can indeed do good while having a good time.

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