On Oct. 22 Park City's Sunrise Rotary Club and Wasatch Brewery will host the 1st Annual Park City Shot Ski in hopes of breaking the record for the world's longest shot ski. Together they attempting to beat Breckenridge, CO which currently holds the record with 881 people and they need your help! For $15 you can be a part of history -- you'll get to be one of the 1,000 people to take the shot ski, get bragging rights and a bumper sticker proving your participation, and have access to the beer garden where you can revel with friends while playing games and listening to live music performed by the Utah County Swillers. Grab your friends (21+ only) and sign-up here now!

The 350 skis collected by the Sunrise Rotary are all being cleaned, inspected, and prepped by a small crew of member volunteers. They sand each ski to remove ships and dull the edges, saw down the ends so they're are flat, remove the bindings, and drill holes so bolts can be used to string all the skis together. Finally each ski is measured and prepped with velcro where plastic shot glasses will be attached the day of the event. 

This is a joint fundraiser and celebration of Wasatch Brewery's 30th anniversary. All the profits from the event will go to the Sunrise Rotary Club who donate all their funds to local charities and non-profits. This is a great opportunity to join in an amazing event and raise money for a great cause!

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