If there's one thing Park City is sorely missing, it's taco trucks. But that doesn't mean we're fresh out of places to satisfy your cravings. So until the mobile taco stands start moving in, here are a few recommendations for where to chow down on tacos around town.

Anaya's Market

The not-so-secret Park City secret to authentic tacos is Anaya's Market (1490 Munchkin Rd). Located inside a white warehouse and Hispanic market, this hole-in-the-wall joint may not technically even be a restaurant, but if you're in the market for cheap, delicious Mexican, you won't get better than this in Park City. They hit all the favorites, slow cooked beef, chicken, pork, asada, al pastor, lengua, cabeza, menudo, and more. It's also a great place to brush up on your Spanish!

Sergio's Mexican Restaurant

Another good place for Mexican food and tacos on the cheap is Sergio's Mexican Restaurant (1776 Park Ave). You can't really go wrong with any of the tacos here, but we recommend Sergio's famous and delicious carnitas tacos. They also have some pretty tasty nachos and a well-stocked fresh salsa bar. 

Billy Blanco's

Ready for some roadhouse Mexican? Billy Blanco's (8208 Gorgoza Pines Rd) serves up some mean tacos, from classics like fish and carne asada to veg-friendly portobello mushroom. Created by Park City's famous restauranteur Bill White as an ode to Detroit, the restaurant's decor is all garage, muscle cars, and motorcycles. It's maybe not the most authentic way to eat tacos, but this is a perfect place for families and variety. 


Located on Park Ave across from High West, Davanza's (690 Park Ave) is a Park City institution. While they're most frequently associated with their thin crust pizza, they also serve handmade street-style tacos. If you're craving tacos during the winter and want a ski in/ski out option, this is the place for you. Just take one of the Town Lift runs down from Park City and you're dropped right at their doorstep. 

Taco Tuesday Deals 

Windy Ridge Café

Every Tuesday from 5 to 9 p.m.,  (1250 Iron Horse Drive) serves up $2 tacos, $5 margaritas, and beer specials. The outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy comfort food and Park City's warm summer evenings. 

Sammy's Bistro

Another favorite for Taco Tuesday, Sammy's Bistro (1890 Bonanza Dr. Ste 100) offers $3 Taco Tuesday deal throughout the summer and fall until 9 p.m. Order the mahi-mahi fish tacos with mango salsa, they are a must.

The Spur Bar and Grill

Main Street isn't usually an option if you're looking for affordable bites, but deals do pop up now and then. Every Tuesday during the summer you can dig into $3 tacos and sip $5 margaritas at the Spur Bar and Grill (352 Main St). The laid back atmosphere and live music make this one of the best ways to end a busy day in Park City.

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