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Enjoy favorite Park City dishes at home with the Park City Cookbook

Image: Lauren Nadler

Once upon a time in the not-too-distance past, the only place in Utah to get a meal more exotic than Red Lobster or the Olive Garden was in Park City. Since then, Salt Lake City and several other towns and cities across the Beehive State have (gratefully) undergone a culinary coming of age. But, even so, Park City chefs remain known for setting the culinary bar high, which is why, if you’re looking for a hostess gift, a special addition to your cookbook library, or simply a vacation souvenir more meaningful than a T-shirt or shot glass, you should pick up a copy of Park City: A Mountain Town’s Cookbooks, Books One and Two, compiled by Lauren Nadler.

“With this book, I wanted to share some of the things I love about Park City,” Nadler writes in the book’s introduction. Indeed, far beyond a straightforward recipe collection, in both editions Nadler shares much of what both residents and visitors alike love about Park City: its inimitable landmarks and landscapes; local history tidbits; and stories of people, like her, who are living the mountain town dream.

But these are also great cookbooks. Within each is included some of Park City’s best restaurant’s most time-tested and popular dishes—plates like the Waldorf Astoria’s beignets, Shabu’s sweet miso-glazed black cod, the Goldener Hirsh Inn's cheese fondue, No Name Saloon's fish tacos, and Woodland Biscuit Company's red pepper jelly—accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and useful tips. Chef profiles and charming watercolor illustrations lend depth to both editions, and in book two, Nadler’s son and a trained sommelier, Cameron Nadler, offers wine pairings for several of the recipes included.   

Park City: A Mountain Town’s Cookbook One and Two are available individually or as a boxed set at shops throughout Park City, including Dolly’s Bookstore (510 Main St, 435.649.8062). Come and get it while it’s hot.