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Vessel Kitchen’s chickpea stew and Happy Vegan salad.

There are few things I love more than spending an entire day playing in the mountains. Well, maybe there’s one thing I love more: eating a hearty meal after spending said day in the mountains. But as a vegan, finding a restaurant that serves stick-to-your-ribs dishes sans the meat, eggs, fish, and dairy—especially here in the carnivorous West—is no easy task.  Just ask my friends and family, who are all too familiar with the cumbersome interrogation I put servers through when visiting a new restaurant. Thankfully, I’ve found plenty of Park City eateries happy to cater to my vegan needs. Following are a few of these hidden gems.

Cozy up in plush chairs while checking out the beautiful views at The Farm (Canyons Village at Park City Mountain, 435.615.8080). The seasonal menu always includes two intensely satisfying vegetarian options that can be made vegan, and all dishes served here feature ingredients sourced from Zoe’s Garden based in Layton, Utah.

Yuki Yama Sushi (586 Main St, 435.649.6293) is a simply elegant space featuring simply phenomenal food. Every sauce is made from scratch to complement delicately constructed dishes. Try the Velo’s Veggie maki roll, made with daikon radishes, gobo, cucumber, and sprouts, drizzled with a jalapeño vinaigrette and the Yama-Mame sauce, a truly unique combination of edamame, cherry preserves, sesame oil, and spices.

Squatters (1900 Park Avenue, 435.649.9868) is an ideal pick for a multigenerational and multi-tastes group. The menu clearly indicates several dishes that can be prepared vegan, making ordering a cinch. The house-made veggie burger, my favorite in Park City, is a filling staple topped with hummus and avocado. Wash it down with a pint of Squatters’ Respect Your Mother Organic Amber.

The inscription on the wall at Vessel Kitchen (1784 Uinta Way, 435.200.886) is a dialogue straight from my heart: “Good food choices are good investments...quality ingredients are a currency....” The menu at this locally owned and operated eatery is constantly adjusted to reflect the freshest seasonal ingredients. Each time I order one of the many vegan items, I am thrilled with the taste, quality, and presentation. Not to mention they have kombucha on tap.

Deer Valley’s Seafood Buffet (2250 Deer Valley Drive South, 435.645.6632) seems an unlikely environment to find vegan items. But when I mentioned this to my server, he immediately began to bring me custom-made dishes from the chefs, including char-broiled tofu, veggie sushi rolls, and to-die-for vegan pastries. Note: when making a reservation, be sure to let the staff know you are vegan.

Dining out as a vegan or with a vegan friend need not be a traumatic experience. Just smile and be patient when a server doesn’t immediately know the answers to your questions. And, to be on the safe side, plan to leave a big tip.