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Powder’s Chicken & Waffles

Spice up those cold winter days and nights with these jalapeño-induced, chile-spiked bites and sips.

Atticus Coffee, Books & Teahouse’s Mexican Mocha(738 Main St, 435.214.7241)

Switch out your daily cup of joe for this coffee with a kick. “It is a rich, dark, but not-so-sweet chocolate married with espresso and slightly spiced to perfection,” says owner Ericah Winzeler. The secret? Liquid cayenne from locally made Buzz in a Bottle.

Deer Valley Resort’s Bald Mountain Pho(7600 Royal St, 435.649.1000)

This Vietnamese soup and après-ski are a match made in the mountains. Rich broth (beef or veggie) is garnished with sprouts, mint, basil, cilantro, and lime. House-made sriracha sauce and roasted Sichuan pepper oil allow guests to customize spice levels. “Real pho aficionados know that the bowl that comes from the kitchen is just the beginning,” says Chef Chris Gibson.

Tupelo’s Crab Fritters(508 Main St, 435.615.7700)

Chef Matthew Harris’s crispy fritters with Maine crab leg meat pack a flavorful punch. “The rich and spicy element of the hot sauce butter plays really well against the tang of our house-made pickles,” he says.

Powder’s Chicken & Waffles(Waldorf Astoria Park City, 2100 Frostwood Dr, 435.647.5566)

Chef Ryker Brown’s take on this classic Southern dish involves delectable jalapeño syrup. “[It] is made by immersing sliced jalapeños in Vermont maple syrup for 10 minutes,” he notes. Beware: this confectionary condiment boasts a piquant punch.

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