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Sip Super-Powered Java at Hugo's Coffee

Organic Bulletproof coffee gives your morning caffeine fix an extra boost.

By Renèe Huang June 1, 2015 Published in the Summer/Fall 2015 issue of Park City Magazine

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News flash: Ordering your daily cup of joe with cream and sugar is so 2010. The latest—and supposedly better—way to get that morning caffeine fix is Bulletproof coffee: organic coffee doctored up with a spoonful of butter and coconut oil. 

This quirky concoction was dubbed “Bulletproof” by its creator Dave Asprey, who cooked up the “brain octane oil” (Asprey is busy marketing and selling an entire Bulletproof-branded lifestyle) after drinking a steaming cup of yak butter tea in Nepal. He claims his superjava boosts energy—each cup is at least 300 calories—without the crash associated with regular coffee.

Park City naturopathic doctor Trevor Cates says that sipping the souped-up brew is likely healthier than the usual American carb-centered morning meal. “The typical breakfast is a glucose overload and can eventually make you obese and/or diabetic,” she says. “And [Bulletproof coffee] is better than your ordinary cup of coffee containing pesticides and loaded with creamer made with processed sugar and synthetic ingredients.”

Consuming grass-fed butter or ghee (clarified butter) and coconut oil is a good way to introduce essential fats to a daily diet, Cates says. “We know now that good fats are essential for proper function of our brain, cell membranes, hormone synthesis, joints, skin, and more,” she says. “Low cholesterol can actually be dangerous.”

In Park City, Hugo Coffee (Kimball Junction Park City Visitor Center, 1794 Olympic Parkway, 435.655.5015) is the only local joint with a version of Bulletproof coffee on the menu. “It’s one of my most popular coffee drinks,” says owner Claudia McMullin, who started serving the coffee last March. Each morning she fields orders from two dozen clients she calls “Bulletproof connoisseurs,” some of whom ask for double the amount of oils for a whopping 1,000-calorie hit. Parkite Allison Wright makes her own Bulletproof coffee at home. “It keeps me going until the afternoon,” says Wright, who puts a quarter stick of butter in her homebrew. 

Still, Cates says Bulletproof coffee isn’t a magic serum: “It’s not for everyone—if someone doesn’t digest fats well, then they need to go easy before loading up with more fats and oil than their body can process.” 

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