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Despite what you may have heard, the notion of Utah beer is no longer a punch line. More and more brews and brewers pop up in the Beehive State every year, making Utah a bona fide contender when it comes to regionally specific and seasonal beer. Following are six beers that make perfect company in the summer season. (And depending on how many you bring with you, they may be best kept hidden at the bottom of your cooler.) 

Shades of Pale - Publican Pale Ale

With a mild floral nose and subtle flavor, the Publican Pale Ale is an easy drink. At 22 ounces, you might be tempted to share, but coming in at a great session alcohol content of 4 percent, this one is all yours. (Available at Smith’s Food & Drug Stores)

Epic Brewing - Brainless on Peaches Belgian-Style Ale

Regardless of the time of year, Brainless on Peaches is required drinking when Epic has it on the shelf. Brewed with puréed Utah peaches and aged in French oak barrels, this one suits the thirsty summer drinker well. (Available at the Epic Brewing retail store, 825 S State, SLC, 801.906.0123, and Utah State Liquor Stores)

Squatters Craft Beers - Bumper Crop Honey Ale

Bumper Crop takes full advantage of one of Utah’s best-known resources—honey—and combines it with a bit of lavender. Think back porches and sunsets with this one. (On tap at Squatters Roadhouse Pub, 1900 Park Ave, 435.649.9868, and Utah State Liquor Stores)

Wasatch Beers - Ghostrider IPA

This tasty White India Pale Ale gives a nod to Utah’s western locale. With grapefruit and hoppy aromatics, this beer has little in common with other IPAs. Grab it in place of one of those white Belgian-style beers. (Available at Smith’s Food & Drug Stores)

Uinta Brewing - Hop Nosh IPA

Uinta is a classic Utah company with a well-deserved reputation for creating timeless beers. No exception with Hop Nosh: it recently passed Uinta’s Cutthroat as the brewery’s top-selling beer nationwide. (Find it at Uinta’s Little Big Beer Store, 1722 S Fremont Dr, 801.467.0909, and Utah State Liquor Stores)

Red Rock Brewing ​- Paardebloem Belgian Ale

Few have had a Paardebloem, but Red Rock is out to change that. Grains of paradise and dandelion greens come together to make a flavor all its own. (On tap at Red Rock Junction, 1640 W Redstone Center, 435.575.0295, and in bottles at Utah State Liquor Stores)

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