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Park City's Miner's Hospital is one of thirteen locations across Summit County displaying photographs part of the public art installation, The View From My Door.

Image: Rachel Day

If you haven't taken The View From My Door tour yet, now's your last chance. The collaborative community art project features work from more than 120 resident photographers displayed in large format posters at thirteen commercial properties across Summit County. It is the second installation made as part of the Dark Storefronts initiative and is a celebration of this special place we call home. 

Inspired by the success of its first display, Inside-Out Park City, which told stories of local people through photographs displayed in under-used business windows, the Summit County Public Art Advisory Board decided to expand the idea with The View From My Door project. By taking submissions from the general public and placing the work in a variety of locations, the board hopes to spark people's interest and give them an incentive to go visit places they may never have been to before. 

The View From My Door will be on display until July 21. Visiting all the exhibit locations takes about 1.5 hours driving or 6 hours biking; you can find the map via the Dark Storefronts website. A closing party for the exhibit is scheduled for Tuesday, July 24 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Utah Olympic Park Visitor's Center. 

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