Puppies + Wedding Gowns: Chantel Lauren's New Flagship Store

With lwester November 17, 2017 Published in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Park City Magazine

Chantel Lauren Galloway, owner of the beautiful flowy gowns you've probably seen on your Instagram feed, opened a flagship store here in Salt Lake City just last month. Now you don't have to—"Google Search: Where to find Chantel Lauren wedding dress"—anymore. They're here! The dresses are at 145 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. At the moment, the store is  appointment only and closed Sundays, but you can make an appointment by clicking HERE.

We visited her new Chantel Lauren flagship store and were immediately greeted by gorgeous hand-painted gowns and puppies. Yes, we said PUPPIES! We just might have found bridal heaven.

Photo by: Lauren Wester

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Chantel officially started designing wedding gowns in 2013. Her wedding dress passion began right after she designed her own wedding dress, but she had been working in bridal alterations since she was 17 years old. After numerous wedding guests asked if she could design their wedding dress, she realized she could design gowns for a living.

The hand-painted features came from her artist husband, Tyler Galloway. He hand-paints each gown above their flagship store in their studio. The mannequins hang with the skirts pinned on them and Tyler paints the skirts as they would look draped on a bride.

The flagship store was built with a vision of a stylish living room. Chantel tells us, "We wanted our store to be casual and comfortable so our brides can get to know us. That's why we incorporated our favorite candles, jewelry (some handmade pieces by Tyler), handmade hats."

Photo by: Lauren Wester

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If it's your first time visiting a bridal shop, Chantel and Leah Galloway, Chantel's sister-in-law and sales manager, wants you to know the store is a place for you to feel comfortable.

"It's a more relaxed and fun environment. bring as many people as you want. We want you to feel comfortable. If you love the dress, you love the dress. We like the dresses to sell themselves," - Chantel

"Something we love is being personal with our brides. We share a lot about the gowns, we like to let brides try on everything because they have an idea of what they think they like but it's always surprising when they find something they like once they try it on." -Leah

Chantel Lauren is now in 5 different countries and 25 retailers. Chantel hasn't gotten out to her international retailers, but is looking into the U.K. as a possible trip in the near future.

The new 2018 collection is "a piece of the old west in a modern expression," says Tyler.

Photo by: Chantel Marie

Photo by: Lauren Wester

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If you like wedding dresses and a possible puppy appearance, check out her new flagship store in Salt Lake City, Utah. Keep scrolling for a link to a peek of Chantel Lauren's 2018 collection.

Photo by: Lauren Wester

Photo by: Lauren Wester

Photos by: Lauren Wester & Chantel Marie

Model in wedding dresses: Shae Powder

Pictured in yellow: Chantel Lauren Galloway

Pictured in black: Leah Galloway

For a sneak peek into the new 2018 Chantel Lauren collection click HERE.