A Sneak Peek: Chantel Lauren's 2018 Collection

With lwester November 17, 2017 Published in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Park City Magazine

Chantel Lauren Galloway of Chantel Lauren gave us a sneak peek into her new 2018 collection. We're excited to share it with you. With a bit of the west, whimsy and the free flow of fabric, Chantel Lauren's new line is out for you to try at her flagship store, and numerous local retailers.

"These are gowns that channel a piece of the old west in a modern expression." - Tyler Galloway, co-owner and spouse to Chantel

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Photos: Ty French Photo

Model: Gabriela Martinez

MUAH: Kali Chris

Hats: Lone Hawk Hats

Jewelry: Tyler Galloway The 76 mfg 

Boots: Free Bird Stores

To read about Chantel Lauren's new store click HERE.