Flower Power: The Best Blooms For Your Astrological Sign

Want your wedding stems to have special meaning? Allie Couch of CosmoMuse shares the best flowers for each astrological sign.

With twoolf and illustrations by Carly Larsson July 27, 2017 Published in the Summer/Fall 2017 issue of Park City Magazine


Style: The Traditionalist

Best Blooms: Protea, Amaryllis

Why: Protea are one of the oldest flowers, symbolizing authority; amaryllis shows your striking beauty.


Style: The Collaborator

Best Blooms: Camellia, Stock

Why: Camellias show your lasting powers and devotion; stock represents your friendly ability to enjoy life.


Style: The Dreamer

Best Blooms: Lavender, Queen Anne’s Lace

Why: Lavender holds a high vibration calling to your inspired side; Queen Anne’s lace represents your complexity.


Style: The Initiator

Best Blooms: Tulip, Gladiolus

Why: Red gladiolus symbolizes strength and honor for the warrior you are; red tulips amplify your perfect love.


Style: The Savorer

Best Blooms: Dahlia, Gardenia

Why: Dahlias signify lasting bonds, representing your commitment; gardenias open the senses, bringing pleasure.


Style: The Inquirer

Best Blooms: Clematis, Larkspur

Why: Clematis is symbolic of your ingenuity and mental eloquence; larkspur represents your light, witty character.


Style: The Nurturer

Best Blooms: Hydrangea, Lilac

Why: Hydrangeas’ abundant and packed blossoms represent a happy family life; lilac enriches feminine magic.


Style: The Romantic

Best Blooms: Calla Lily, Roses

Why: Pink calla lilies showcase romance, and purple ones a regal nature; roses show your dramatic love.


Style: The Purist

Best Blooms: Snapdragons, Lily

Why: Lilies highlight your humility and devotion; snapdragons symbolize your ability to see to the essence of things.


Style: The Harmonizer

Best Blooms: Peony, Jasmine

Why: Peonies symbolize a happy marriage, a top priority for you; jasmine brings out your loving, beautifying ways.


Style: The Femme Fatale

Best Blooms: Orchid, Muscari

Why: The orchid is a luxury flower, representative of your seductive charms; Muscari brings out your mystery.


Style: The Adventurer

Best Blooms: Anemone, Iris

Why: Anemones symbolize anticipating the future and your thirst for adventure; iris bring out your wise inner sage.

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