"Skincare shouldn't be difficult," says Denise Cartwright, the master esthetician and founder of Crude, the Salt Lake City-based, 100-percent organic oil-cleansing skincare system. Designed to sooth, nourish, and heal the skin, Cartwright's oil-cleansing method is non-comedogenic (translation: it won't clog your pores), gentle but effective, and easy to use.

So how does it work? Step 1: Cleanse with Everything Oil, made with sunflower and safflower oils, using the microfiber Pull cloth. Step 2: Moisturize with Everything Oil or step it up with Bloom, a blend of regenerative, antioxidant oils including kukui nut, jojoba, and rosehip seed. Step 3: Apply the French green clay and green tea Detox Mask two to three times per week to exfoliate and replenish.

Cartwright says the system is great for brides and grooms—for the fellas, Crude offers Scruff, a beard and face oil—who want a clear, healthy, glowing visage on the big day. For the best results, Cartwright recommends you avoid using any other products on your face for at least two weeks, and swap your Maybelline for high-quality mineral makeup.

Photo via Crude