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Wedding Astro Guide 2017

What’s written in the stars for your first year of marriage? Allie Couch of CosmoMuse.com shares five astrological influences that make 2017 a special year.

With twoolf and illustration by Danielle Fisher January 26, 2017 Published in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Park City Magazine

“Just as you are assigned certain cosmic qualities when you are born, so is your marriage when you sign your marriage certificate,” explains Allie Couch of CosmoMuse.com. Below, she shares five astrological influences that make 2017 a special year to tie the knot.


In your marriage, you may be quick to initiate things, always able to positively move forward in life. There could be a tendency toward independence as you two forge ahead with a pioneering spirit, exploring and creating with fresh energy. It’s possible that you could experience a bit of an “us against the world” feeling as your focus is so heavily on your partnership. Use the passion of the 1 energy to let flared tempers rise and fall and then move on, united, leaving it all on the table.


The chic Chinese Rooster will make you a couple to watch, possibly enjoying entertaining and flashing your stylish ways for all to see. There’s a cocky energy here that will place you two front and center, on display with pageantry and talent. Your marriage will be a public affair. You’ll develop resilience together as you experience peaks and valleys as a unit.


Yours is a passionate and creative partnership as the Fire element will fuel your unity with exuberance and boldness. Temperatures may flare on occasion as you enthusiastically agree and disagree, but the volatility will further fan your flames of passion. Combined with the number 1 year, these two energies will enable your marriage to get things off the ground with amazing swiftness, but you also run the risk of burnout. Give yourselves time to recharge and to feed your inspiration to benefit from this energy.


Thank goodness for the yin aspect of 2017 as the number 1, Fire, and Rooster influences could fuel the intensity of your partnership. With the feminine nature and internal seeking of the yin quality, you should be able to rely on introspection and reflection to soften some of the sharp edges (and maybe even a self-centeredness) as a unit. Tap into the yin aspect of your partnership to sense the subtleties of the cycles in your life together and the richness that comes from nurturing yourselves and others. This will make your marriage deep and softly instinctual.


This is a jackpot for marriages taking place through October 10, 2017. Jupiter (planet of luck, expansion, and optimism) will be in Libra (ruling marriage, harmony, and balance). Opportunity, adventure, and exploration will grace your lives together. You will seek and expand your understanding of balance and what your partnership means. The more you explore themes of harmony, beauty, grace, and equality, the more optimism and luck will come your way. Adventures abroad, philosophical meanderings, and advocating for causes will seep into your unity, resulting in an uplifting perspective and a wildly exciting life.

Photo: Jessica Peterson Photography

Meet Allie Couch of CosmoMuse

A lover of astrology and a seeker of the stars, Allie Couch traded in her gig as a local wedding florist and designer to launch CosmoMuse.com, an astrology and lifestyle website. Order a copy of her new, beautifully printed 2017 seasonal astrology guide for more cosmic reading and follow her daily #cosmomusing on Instagram: @cosmomuse.

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