Save the Date: Photo Native

By Tessa Woolf January 14, 2016

It's a new year and a new wedding season, and one of the events we're most looking forward to in 2016 is Photo Native. This fresh photography conference + workshop kicks off February 12-13 (one month away!). We're proud to say we'll be speaking at Photo Native and we can't wait to see familiar faces, make new friends, and learn a thing or two ourselves. We chatted with Jessie Evans of Jessie Alexis Photography, one-half of the duo behind Photo Native along with Samantha Kelly Photo, to get the scoop on the two-day event, and why YOU should be there. Read our Q&A below.

Bouquet by Tinge Floral | Photo by Heather Nan for SLPCBG

What was the inspiration for Photo Native?

The idea for Photo Native first came to us while chatting with a bunch of photography friends. It's so beneficial to have each other to empathize with, bounce ideas off of, commiserate, and just talk shop in general. Photography can be a lonely profession, so to have such a supportive and talented group of photo friends is amazing. And that's when we thought, everyone should experience this and have this same kind of community and support. No one should have to be alone in this photography thing! 

Utah is unique in that it has such a strong, supportive community of equally talented artists, many who are well-known nationally, it just felt natural to bring them all together and extend that circle of friendship outwards to include as many people as interested.

What is Photo Native, exactly? What can attendees expect to learn/see/hear/do?

Photo Native is a two-day learning extravaganza featuring some of Utah's biggest and brightest names in photography. There are 19 different classes, five (sold out) shoots, and one giant party. Attendees have the opportunity to gain knowledge in a variety of different areas, from lighting to posing to business to publication, and just about everything in between. Because we've been able to bring together photographers and other industry experts from various fields relating to photography, the classes are designed to cover a wide range of interest and skill sets.

Our attendees are as varied as our classes, with many photographers coming in from all over the country to make connections and learn from our instructors. And the party? It's going to be killer; our event planner, Sarah Larson, has out-done herself putting together what promises to be an incredible soiree.

What makes Photo Native different from other photography conferences and sets it apart? 

It seems like everywhere you look, someone is advertising a new photography conference/workshop/retreat. What makes Photo Native different is we have gathered 22 industry experts who agreed to share their knowledge in one place. Many of our instructors don't currently offer their own workshops, so the only way to pick their brains and learn from them is at Photo Native.

Our plan for Photo Native is to build a community of photographers who lift one another up, focusing on community over competition. We want to make it the must-attend event of the year, every year.

Who should attend Photo Native? 

One of the things that makes Photo Native special is the ability to cater to photographers of all levels, from hobbyists to seasoned pros; we have classes that can benefit everyone. So, if you have a camera and a love for photography, you belong at Photo Native.

Are tickets still available?

Yes! We still have seats available and we will be selling tickets until January 30.