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Shopportunity: Sarah Winward's Vase/Prop/Furniture Sale

By Tessa Woolf August 18, 2014

WHAT: This would make one gorgeous episode of "Hoarders": Locally grown, nationally known florist Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is cleaning out her studio and selling off items in her vast and diverse vase/prop/furniture collection. Snag some of Sarah's beloved wedding goods and repurpose them for your own event, be it a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or the big day itself. Check out @sarahs_vase_sale on Instagram to preview the loot. Interested in an item but not local? Drop Sarah a note and she'll ship it to you if it doesn't sell.

WHERE: 361 West 400 South, Salt Lake City

WHEN: Today! From 4- 7 p.m.


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