From the Runway: Theia White Collection Spring 2015

By Tessa Woolf April 25, 2014

Designer Don O'Neill named his bridal and eveningwear label, Theia, after the Greek goddess of the same name, known for her power of light and radiance. For Theia's Spring 2015 White Collection, O'Neill drew inspiration from another goddess: that of his ancient Irish ancestors, the Tuatha De Dananna or "People of the Goddess Danu."

According to O'Neill, the People of the Goddess Danu left Ireland's shores and sank down into the sea to live in a magical underworld. A gateway to their world is believed to lie in the middle of O'Neill's native Ballyheigue Bay. "Legend has it that long ago, ghostly processions of these ethereal folk were seen walking across the bay in a swirling veil of mist," he says. "Today these mystical beings come ashore... Dripping with water they emerge, ethereal, mystical, robed in silver and white... They enchant and mesmerize."

O'Neill's imagery of the Tuatha De Dananna comes to life in gowns awash with sequins, crystals, pearls, and glass beads, and crafted of fabrics such as shimmering lamé, silver floral jacquard, metallic lace, and frothy tulle and chiffon.

Valentina - front - Theia White Spring 2015

Cameron - front - Theia White Spring 2015

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