In the Stars: Wedding-Scope 2014

By Tessa Woolf January 16, 2014

Planning to tie the knot this year? Our Astrologer-in-Chief, Allie Couch of Laughing Pig Astrology, is back with us today to share her Wedding-Scope for 2014. Read on to see what the marriage stars hold for your sign this year, and get the scoop on the best dates to wed in 2014. Take it away, Allie!


If 2014 is the year you and your sweetheart are taking that exciting walk down the aisle, you may be wondering what the stars have in store for you. With the soon-to-be-shift to the year of the vivacious Chinese Horse (February 4), couples taking the leap this year will find their marriage jam-packed with action, activity, socializing, and adventure. There is a freedom-loving bent to the Chinese Horse, so be sure that you and your partner schedule plenty of romantic, one-on-one time to keep your softer, vulnerable sides connected.


  • April 20
  • May 30-June 7
  • July 5, and July 25-26
  • August 1-2, and August 14-16
  • September 13
  • October 10–11, October 24-25, and October 30–November 2
  • November 22
  • December 19

Getting married after mid-July will be your best marriage timing as the great benefactor, Jupiter, moves to friendly Leo. With Uranus in your sign all year, you will find your marriage filled with surprises and lots of networking.

Saturn, the planet of commitment and hard work, is in your partnership sector this year. This will give your marriage a very steady and structured framework. With Venus in your sign most of June, scheduling your marriage this month will add a very loving and beautiful element to your union.

July is a great wedding month for Geminis because the planet of love will be touring your sign. August through December is another good time of year for you as the cosmos could gift-wrap your best friend as your wedding partner.

Now through your birth month of July is your most favorable time to wed as Jupiter, planet of luck and optimism, is in your sign. Late July also host Venus in your sign, sure to bless your marriage with grace.

Mid-August is a stellar time for your union. You will have a stellium of happy planets visiting your sign, giving you a better time of year than any other sign to tie the knot. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter will all be touring your sign, packing in intellectual compatibility, love, optimism, and romance! In particular, August 14 would be an amazing date to wed.

From the wedding dates listed above, July 5 and September 13 are great dates for a Virgo wedding, giving you either Jupiter in a nice angle to your Sun, or the Sun and Venus in your own sign for the ultimate romantic union. Neptune is in your partnership house all year, so watch that you aren’t unnecessarily glamorizing your partner before you make it official.

August and October are your best months to wed. Both months will set you up in a very social and lively marriage. With Uranus in your partnership house, be sure that you are alright with giving your spouse lots of freedom as that will be a strong theme.

With Saturn in your sign, there is a very serious tone to any partnership you legally enter into this year. The good news is it will be a long lasting and serious commitment; the bad news is there could be some sort of stressful situation or heavy burden surrounding it. If you are serious at heart (which most Scorpios are) than this won’t faze you.

August, October, and December are your best wedding months. This year suits your wild energy well, as the year of the Chinese Horse is very compatible with your sign. If you do walk down the aisle after July, there is a strong possibility of an influence from abroad---something that excites most Sagittarius!

This is a very powerful year for you to wed. Pluto is in your sign this year giving you transformational power. You have the double whammy of your ruler, Saturn, in the sign of Scorpio which rules transformation. A marriage this year will have strong ties to power and/or be a big part of some sort of rebuilding aspect in your life.

June and August are great months for you to get hitched this year. The ruler of your marriage house will be in your romance sector in June, ensuring a very loving union. In August, the Sun and Venus will be in your partnership house, making sure you marry your soul mate.

You tend to gravitate to very critical and analytical partners, so let's be sure your wedding date adds some easy-going influence from a marriage. Dates from mid-July to the end of the month will add plenty of romantic and love-y influences. November could be great for adding optimism and adventure to your life together.


Thank you, Allie, for sharing your wedding-scope insights and forecast for 2014!

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