In the Stars: December 2013 Wedding Astrology & Sagittarius Style Inspiration

By Tessa Woolf December 3, 2013

Right on cue, the snow and cold has rolled in to town as we embark upon December. What's in the stars for local couples saying "I do" this festive, merry month? Our resident astrologer Allie Couch of Laughing Pig Astrology is back to share her astro musings for December weddings and style inspiration for Sagittarius brides and grooms. The forecast calls for excitement, adventure, and wild abandon!

From Allie:

Sagittarius is a very exciting sign to get married under. If this is your wedding month, be prepared for daring adventures, foreign travel and big dreams with your spouse. Sagittarius is known to be rustic and wild in nature, with an aesthetic that is a bit overgrown and exaggerated. As a couple you will live a larger than life existence, with others finding you to be exotic, exciting, and courageous. Jupiter, your ruler, is in the sign of Cancer this month adding a need for strong family ties and security. This is a great combination as Sagittarius has a pitfall of overspending and being too freedom loving. This combination will give your relationship a nice balance and add fortunate financial endeavors with your need to grow and nurture. 

Colors Trend Formula: The year of the Chinese Water Snake combined with Sagittarius enhances the emerald hue we have seen this past year and gives a dark but ethereal tone; orange is a strong theme as it is the color most associated with Sagittarius and the the number 3, which rules December; Jupiter in Cancer will soften some of the orange tones to a gentle peach; Venus, the ruler of marriage, is in Capricorn adding grays and blacks and an earthy vibe.

Thank you, Allie, for sharing your wedding astro musings for the month of December!

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