In the Stars: November 2013 Wedding Astrology & Scorpio Style Inspiration

By Tessa Woolf November 1, 2013

Halloween has come and gone, but there's still a "spooky" season on the horizon according to our resident astrologer, Allie Couch of Laughing Pig Astrology. Something mysterious this way comes... Read on for Allie's thoughts on marriages taking place this November (don't fret--the spookiness is nothing to fear!), and check out Allie's Scorpio-inspired wedding inspiration board, featuring a black, gray, and white color palette and glowing candlelight.

As November arrives you can feel the mysterious Scorpio Sun settle in. Those heading down the aisle this month will encounter a very powerful, illuminating, and enigmatic marriage. You and your spouse will be seen as a fiercely private couple with many secrets. You will be blessed with the knowledge of how to control the energies around you in a seductively confident way, as if you have been alive for hundreds of years. There is a beautiful darkness here, one that will be very difficult to break away from. Others may find you magnetic, wanting to watch every move you make, while remaining slightly terrified of the unexplainable force within you.

Black is typically associated with Scorpio, while Pluto, ruling the Sun in Scorpio, is in the achievement oriented and stable Capricorn, adding gray to the palette. The month number for November, 11, brings illumination with white and candlelight. The numerology for the month and year combination is the powerful 8, also associated with gray. The Chinese Water Snake year reflects and intensifies the already sultry and mysterious month ahead.

Thank you, Allie, for sharing your wedding astro musings for the month of November!

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