Last Look

Puppy Love

Modern brides and grooms include their dearly beloved dogs in their big-day festivities

By Tessa Woolf August 19, 2013 Published in the June 2013 issue of Park City Magazine

Jenessa Cowley & Nicholas Cook

Married September 15, 2012, at Silver Lake Lodge, Deer Valley

Photo by Chudleigh Weddings

Man’s Best Friend “Our Chocolate Labrador, Moe, was an honored guest at our wedding,” says Cowley. “The role Moe has played in our lives is irreplaceable. Nicholas got Moe six years ago after our close friend—nicknamed ‘little Moe’—passed away in a tragic car accident. Nicholas and Moe have been inseparable ever since. There was no question she would be sharing our big day with us!”




Natasha Jorgensen & Noah Lichtenberg

Married June 1, 2013, at Snowbasin Ski Resort

Photo by Sparkle Photography 

For a Good Paws “Our Rough Collie, Oscar, brings us so much joy—the three of us have been through many changes together, and we consider him a part of our new family,” says Jorgensen. “When we were planning our bridal and groomal shoot, I wanted to make sure Noah was comfortable in front of the camera, and I knew Oscar would do the trick. It worked!”


LT Danielle Thiriot, USN & CAPT Matthew Huber, USAF

Married September 2, 2012, at Empire Canyon Lodge, Deer Valley

Photo by David Newkirk Photography 

Holy Mutrimony “Some of our guests who are good friends offered to dog-sit our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Sadie and Jackson, at our wedding,” says Thiriot. “After the ceremony, they went to take the dogs for a quick break, but Sadie and Jackson leapt past them and ran down the aisle to join our family for photos. We were all in a panic trying to control two 90 pound dogs! After the shock wore off, David did a beautiful job capturing the moment.”


Ellen Larson & Gabriel Bush

Married June 1, 2011, at the Salt Lake City LDS Temple and Market Street Grill, Cottonwood

Photo by Heather Nan Photography

Mug Shot “When we met with Heather to discuss our photo contract, we mentioned that it would be really fun to include our newly adopted bulldog, Winston, in some of our engagement and wedding photos,” says Larson. “Winston has such a strong personality, and we love him like a child. He ended up stealing the show in most of the shots!”