Bright Ideas: Marquee-Style Lighting Decor

By Tessa Woolf June 11, 2013

Lately, we've been noticing marquee-style lights illuminating cool shindigs and chic spaces around town, and we love the look of light-bulb signs, letters, and symbols for weddings, engagement parties, and photo shoots. From a bride's and groom's initials to stars and hearts to words like "Love" and "Celebrate," the festive decor casts a romantic glow on reception settings and makes a fun prop for dessert tables, bars, and photo booths (they're also a great prop for engagement photos!).

We like this decor trend so much, in fact, we had a marquee-style sign custom made as a prop for our Summer/Fall 2012 Fashion Feature!

Want to shed some light on your wedding? Search for marquee letters and signs at local home decor and thrift stores--try your luck at Emilie Jayne, Elemente, and Urban Outfitters in Salt Lake City. You can also find plenty of options online; Etsy is a great place to start. We like these antique-style letters, numbers, and symbols from Vintage Marquee Lights:

If you want to try your hand at making your own light-bulb letters, break out your drill and check out this DIY Carnival Marquee Letter tutorial from Ruffled, and this DIY Marquee Light project from Green Wedding Shoes:

What do you think of marquee-style signs, letters, and symbols as wedding decor? Will you be flipping the switch on this trend for your nuptials? Share your thoughts below!

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