Get Crafty: Spring Bridal Shower Brunch Decor + Drink DIYs

By Tessa Woolf April 17, 2013

Remember this spring bridal shower brunch designed by Kim Watt of Petal Pixie? Today Kim is back with Tonya Peterson Photography to share three simple DIYs from the shoot: the fresh floral arrangment, the petal napkin ring, and the sweet sherbet drink. These items are so easy to create, you'll have plenty of time to whip up this peaches and cream stuffed French toast for your own brunch celebration.

Take it away, Kim!

Floral Arrangement DIY

Step One: Gather the following supplies:

  • small pot
  • sharp garden shears
  • roses
  • ranunculus
  • lilac
  • a variety of greens

Step Two: Grid off the pot with either an angelvine collar as shown or use clear potters tape to create a grid. This will help your flowers stay secure.

Step Three: Start your arrangement with the thickest, woodiest stems. (I started with greenery, lilac, and roses. I kept these items close to the lip of the pot and created a round base.) Keep your flowers on different planes to create interest.

Step Four: Add the delicate stems like the ranunculus, anemone, scabiosa, and any other fillers and greens. I like to keep these flowers perched higher than the flowers in step three. This will help create movement and add a touch of whimsy to your design.

Petal Napkin Ring DIY

Step One: You will need the following supplies:

  • thin wire
  • hyacinth blooms
  • sharp scissors
  • a napkin

Step Two: Carefully pull off the hyacinth blooms and cut a section of wire about 4”-6” in length.

Step Three: Thread your hyacinth blooms on the wire until you have reached the desired length.

Step Four: Roll your napkin and place the hyacinth ring around the center and twist tie off the wire at the back.

Sherbet Drink DIY

Step One: You will need the following supplies:

  • sherbet ice cream
  • Sprite
  • mason jars
  • fun straws or tags

Step Two: Scoop up sherbet ice cream and place in mason jars.

Step Three: Pour Sprite over ice cream.

Step Four: Add a cute straw or tag, and voila!

Thank you Kim for sharing these easy DIYs with us today!

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{Images: Tonya Peterson Photography}

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