All In the Family: Utah Engagement Shoot with Kids | Mikki Platt Photography

By Tessa Woolf March 19, 2013

There's something so fun and sweet about this engagement shoot by Mikki Platt Photography. Utah couple Allan and Brittany wanted to include their little boys in their engagement shoot so the kiddos would feel included in their wedding process. The foursome headed outdoors to play and pose for the camera, and the results are downright adorable.


Photographer Mikki Platt shares more details about the couple and the engagement shoot, and her thoughts on incorporating children into the wedding planning process:

The first time I met with Allan and Brittany, Allan mentioned how easy it is for Brittany to be a wonderful mother to his sons. And it's so true: She is patient, loving, and, in every way, such a perfect mom to them. It was fun to have the kids at the beginning part of the photo shoot, and then to finish up with just the couple. Allan and Brittany did such a fabulous job of including their kids in the small and the big wedding details. The boys even got to pick out their dad's wedding suit--they decided that all three of them should match, so the boys got identical suits.

Weddings are such family-oriented events, and once the cake has been eaten, the confetti has fallen, and the bouquet has been tossed, the memories made along the way and the portraits taken are what you have to remember it all by. I'm so glad Allan and Brittany could make the experience special for their little family, and they now have family portraits, along with intimate couple portraits, to remember that time in their lives. Forging families together can be tricky, but little things like incorporating the kids into the fun times can make that transition a bit easier.

Congratulations Brittany and Allan! We're so happy for your darling little family. Thank you Mikki Platt for sharing this sweet engagement shoot with us today!

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