Two If By Sea: Nautical-Themed Engagement Shoot by Jessica White Photography

By Tessa Woolf August 3, 2012

We may live in a landlocked state, but if you've been dreaming of an engagement shoot by the sea since you were a wee one, not to fret--you can still make your beachy dreams come true, even in Utah. Now, we realize a local body of water is hardly as spectacular as the Pacific, but if you're willing to use your imagination and get creative, there are plenty of local lakes that can provide the watery setting you seek.

Take, for example, this nautical-themed engagement shoot by Jessica White Photography. White captured Utah couple Alison and Jesse at Daybreak Lake--the same location where Jesse proposed (he popped the question at night and set the mood by lighting lanterns all around the lake--pretty romantic, eh?). For the lakeside shoot, Alison donned sailor stripes and a preppy color palette of yellow and navy blue. A dock and a patch of sand helped set the seashore scene, and a yellow beach cruiser provided a nod to the summer season.

Alison and Jesse are getting hitched in just a few weeks on August 15--congrats you two!

Brides and grooms, thinking you'd like a similar setting for your engagement session? Photographer Jessica White shares the following advice for couples wanting a lakeside photo shoot:

-Keep in mind that some locations have an extreme amount of wind. If you don't like the wind-blown look, then you might want to consider another location. For this shoot, the wind actually worked in Alison and Jesse's favor. Although it didn't stop blowing for a second, the wind added an element of drama to their images. 

-If the wind isn't a factor, then be prepared for some bugs around the dock. You are out in nature, after all, so go with the flow and try not to let the bugs "bug" you! In fact, they can actually look really cool when captured in a backlight photo. 

-Choose clothing that fits with the setting. Talk with your photographer about your location and see if he/she can give you suggestions and help inspire ideas. The lakeside look is neutral and casual, so you can wear a range of colors. Alison and Jesse chose nautical, summer colors for their photos, which seemed to compliment their lakeside backdrop perfectly. The pop of yellow really brightened their photos, and the stripes and layers added just enough texture to make the images interesting.

-Once you start gathering your clothing, include accessories to add a little interest to your photos. Even if you don't wear a lot of jewelry, you can still wear a simple belt, earrings, scarf, etc. I like to have my clients email me a photo of their outfits before the shoot so I can recommend last minute details. My clients love this!

Thank you for the helpful tips, Jessica, and for sharing this engagement shoot with us today!