On the Menu: Pie + Beer

By Tessa Woolf July 23, 2012

Tomorrow, Utahns will celebrate Pioneer Day--or as one coworker in our office lovingly calls it, 'Pie and Beer Day.' (Tomato, tuh-mah-to, potato, puh-tah-to.) The play on words got us thinking: Pie and beer really are a match made in heaven. Think about it: One's sweet, the other's savory, one makes you thirsty, the other quenches your thirst, and, well, both are delicious. For a summer or fall wedding in the Beehive State, why not serve this dynamic duo for dessert? Whether you choose apple, pecan, or cherry pies, and pilsners, ales, or lagers, you really can't go wrong. Miniature pies, pie pops, and bottles of beer with custom labels also make tasty wedding favors!

pies via The Knotty Bride

beer via Woodsy Weddings

Chat with your caterer or venue about incorporating pie and beer into your reception menu. For something traditional, consider serving fresh-baked local pies from The Lion House Bakery (they're classic for a reason). For something more modern, create a dessert buffet featuring dainty fruit tarts from Les Madeleines and scrumptious mini cream tarts from Tulie Bakery. For brewskis, we suggest serving bottles (or kegs, if you can swing them) from local breweries like Squatters, Red Rock, Epic, Wasatch, Bohemian, and Uinta.

To help inspire your pie + beer spread, we rounded up some yummy images of the palate-pleasing pairing:

personalized pie via Events to a T

custom beer via Hill Country Wedding Blog

pie buffet at a camp-themed wedding

beer favors via Lighter Side of Beer

rustic wedding pie buffet

craft beer at a ranch wedding

pie pop favors

Have a happy Pioneer Day, friends! Cheers to you, Utah!