Ask the Expert: Dressing Mom for the Big Day--Ideas and Advice from Lily & Iris

By Tessa Woolf May 11, 2012

Mom knows best--except sometimes when it comes to her wardrobe selection for your wedding. Whether she's too busy helping you plan to think about herself, hates shopping, or thinks, ahem, a white bedazzled ballgown is a perfectly acceptable ensemble for your walk down the aisle, Mom could use a little guidance in the wedding fashion department. So in honor of Mother's Day, we're focusing on all the MOBs and MOGs today.

To help you steer your mom in the right direction, we asked Lenni Stratton of Salt Lake City wedding boutique Lily & Iris for ideas and advice about dressing Mom for the Big Day. Read on for her fashion know-how, and check out a few of our favorite new dress styles for mothers.

Dress by Before Long

With Mother's Day just around the corner (it's on Sunday, folks!) we are thinking more and more about mom. Which is good, because too often mom doesn't think about herself near enough! If your mom is anything like most of the moms we meet at Lily & Iris, she's far too busy helping with the bridal gown, the caterer, and the photographer to even think about what she's going to wear to the wedding.

Dress by Lynn Lugo

The moms we meet are a fabulous bunch. They are stylish, sassy, and want just as much as any other member of the bridal party to look and feel their best on the wedding day. Here are my top three tips to help mom find the perfect dress for the big day:

1. Start early! Mom's dress will probably take just as long at the bridesmaids' dresses--if not as long as the bridal gown--to find, order, and arrive. Make sure Mom gives herself about six months to order her ensemble (she'll need alterations, too).

Dress by Lela Rose

2. Set an appointment especially for Mom. By all means, bring Mom along when you chose your bridal and bridesmaid dresses, but give Mom her own special time, too. Set aside an afternoon for the two of you to find something that works perfectly for her. Spend the day downtown shopping, grab some lunch, and make it a special pre-wedding bonding experience. She'll love the alone time with you, and chances are she'll find the whole experience much more relaxing and easy than if you're trying to find her a dress at the same time as your six bridesmaids.

Dress by Lynn Lugo

3. Give her some guidelines. You don't have to tell her exactly what to wear, but trust us, most moms will be grateful to have just a few guidelines to adhere to. Pick a color family (pinks, taupes, greens), a length (floor-length, cocktail), and maybe even find out what the other mom(s) will be wearing. Give mom the freedom to choose something that works best for her, but more often than not she'll thank you for giving her a starting point.

Dress by After Six

Thank you for sharing these tips, Lenni! Brides and grooms, what will your mom be wearing to your wedding? (Or what do you wish she'd be wearing?) Share your fashion picks with our readers in the comment section below!

Wishing all the MOBs and MOGs a very happy Mother's Day this weekend!

--After Six, Before Long, Lela Rose, and Lynn Lugo dresses are all available locally at Lily & Iris in Salt Lake City