Groom's Guide: How To Incorporate Color + Accessories In Your Wedding-Day Attire

By Tessa Woolf August 22, 2011

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We're kicking the week off with a guest post from Matt Serrao of Mood Events & Production. Last month, Matt penned a post for us all about summer groomal fashion, and this month he's back to show grooms (and their lovely brides) how they can incorporate color and accessories in their wedding wardrobes. Take it away, Matt!

Who’s wedding is it anyway? As a groom, you share your special day WITH your bride! Considering, you should attempt to look just as good as your bride. You probably, most likely, (OK, definitely), won't look as good as your bride, but you might as well try! A couple of ways brides look as great as they do on the Big Day is by incorporating color and adding accessories to their wedding-day attire. Guys, you NEED to do this, as well. Do not let your suit or tux define who you are--you can wear a suit or tux and still make sure you stand out amongst the crowd (a cumber bun is not an option). Here’s how to do it right:

1. Tie: A tie is the easiest way to add color to your wedding-day attire.

There are so many different ties to choose from. Don’t go with a boring tie--choose one with color or a pattern. Make sure the tie matches your wedding colors and does not clash with anything your bride is wearing. If you have style issues (and be honest with yourself), ask your bride--she’ll love getting involved, and love seeing that you care so much.

If you are not comfortable doing anything else I suggest in this post, a great tie is the simplest and easiest way to spruce up your suit or tux.

2. Jewelry and Other Accessories: Yes guys, I said jewelry--that includes bracelets and rings. Let me explain: For a large part of my childhood I was raised by my grandmother (affectionately, I call her Popo). Several years ago she gave me a jade ring--common in Chinese culture. This ring has become special to me and I can see myself wearing it on my wedding day. It is something I plan to pass down to one of my children some day. If you have inherited an item of jewelry that is a family heirloom, you may want to wear it on your special day.

Other accessories you can incorporate in your wedding wardrobe include cuff links, tie bars, watches, pocket squares, and suspenders.

Here are a few of my fave accessories:

Cuff links

Tie bars--this is a simple but great tie bar by Nixon.

Watches--Nixon watches are my ultimate favorite! Your choice of a bit of color or a lot of color.

Pocket squares--great styles of pocket squares can be found at Neiman Marcus.

I also recommend trying an out of the ordinary pocket square like this:

Lastly, suspenders--these can be found at Nordstrom.

When incorporating accessories in your wedding-day attire, I suggest you pick and choose your accessories wisely. DO NOT wear all of the above at the same time! Got it? Moving on…

3. Socks: Although your socks will be hidden most of the wedding day, they're still a great way to incorporate color.

For a more casual feel, I’m a fan of the no-sock look (yes, it works). As always, make sure the colors of your socks match your wedding colors, and definitely do not wear white socks--you are not Michael Jackson!

4. Shoes: When it comes to shoes, you have more options than you think. Make sure to do your research, and make sure the pair you choose fit comfortably. Here are some styles I like that are more than just basic black or brown loafers:

And if you really want to add some color to your attire (and stand out from the crowd), they make shoes like this:

So, now that I’ve given you all the pieces to adding color and accessories to your wedding attire, how do you make it all work together?  Here are two suggestions: 1)  KIS – Keep It Simple (notice I said 'simple' not 'boring'), and 2) All things in moderation. As I said before, you don’t need to incorporate everything mentioned in this post--pick and choose your comfort level. I challenge you to try and add as much as possible, but don’t go overboard. If you can’t tell the difference between fashionable and tacky, and if all else fails, ASK YOUR BRIDE!

Finally, here are two looks from GQ Magazine that work:

Why this works – Great clean suit, pops of color with the tie, pocket square, and boutineer. Classic shoes with no-sock look (told you it works). I would add a silver watch with a plaid blue face (available at and a matching pair of cuff links to top it off. This would also work with a more colorful tie in a plaid print.

Why this works – Again, great clean suit, busy plaid shirt off-set with simple (no pattern) bow tie and pocket square. I would add a silver watch with plain black face, silver cufflinks with black face, black oxford shoes, with purple socks matching the shirt for a bit more pop. A regular necktie instead of bow tie in a solid black would also work.

Now do you catch my drift? Great! Groom’s, what other ways are you sprucing up your tux or suit? Bride’s, what do you NOT want to see your groom wear? Do you have questions on what does and doesn’t work? Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you!  Matt {at} Mood-Events {dot} com.

Thank you for this great Groom's Guide guest post, Matt! Gents and ladies, you can email Matt or comment below with any questions, thoughts, or musings--we love to hear your feedback!

{Images: Ties - Yumy Shop, The Style Buff; Cuff links - Rare Splendors; Tie bar and watches - Nixon; Pocket squares - Neiman Marcus; Suspenders: Nordstrom; Socks - Beckett & Robb; Shoes - Zappos}