Don't Forget About Mom! Wedding Day Fashion Advice for Mom from Lily & Iris

By Tessa Woolf August 11, 2011

Here at Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom, it's no secret we love wedding fashion. Recently we began featuring a 'Dress of the Week' and we often showcase bridesmaid dresses. But one piece of wedding fashion we never really discuss is fashion for moms, be it the MOTB or the MOTG. (Sorry moms--we love you!!) So today, Lenni Stratton, manager of Salt Lake City bridal boutique Lily & Iris--which specializes in fashions for bridesmaids and mothers--shares her advice for dressing dear mom. Take it away, Lenni!

Mother's ensemble by Lynn Lugo; Image by Rebekah Westover Photography

For most of us as we plan our weddings, mom is right there beside us every step of the way. She's helped us choose our colors, made sure the bridesmaids were taken care of, and been there for a big mom-style hug when it all got to be too much!

But if there is one thing that mom's are truly good at, it's putting themselves last. If your mom is like my mom, she likes to make sure everyone else is taken care of before she'll even think of herself. Today's little tidbit of advice for planning brides is this: Don't forget about mom!

Think about it: Have you talked to your mom yet about who will escort her down the aisle? How she'll do her hair? What she'll be wearing for the Big Day?

At Lily & Iris we see this so often: The wedding is only a couple of months (or weeks!) away, and mom still doesn't know what to wear. Or even where to start! So here are a few tips about how to dress mom to the nines on your big day:

1) Plan Early

Most custom MOTB dresses (the kind that Lily & Iris offers), like bridesmaid dresses, take time to order. Mom has the freedom to choose her style, color, and sizing options, and receive a specially-made dress to make her feel amazing! But these options take time, and you should usually start planning mom's attire about 6 months before the big day.

Mother's ensemble by Watters

2) Coordinate, Don't Match

As with many other wedding "rules," what mom should wear is an ever-changing trend. But the classic trends still remain the same! Generally, moms should coordinate with the rest of the bridal party, without trying to match too closely or overshadow the bridesmaids. Most moms will look great in neutral, complementary colors. And wearing a complementary tone to your maids (say, for example, a taupe to play off their chocolate browns) will help her fit in nicely when the whole bridal party is standing together (think: photos!). But, don't be afraid to break the rules, too: Some moms look simply stellar in a stand-out frock! Which brings us to our next point...

Mother's ensemble by Watters

3) Keep Her Comfortable

Remember, mom is going to be busy on the big day! She'll be meeting, greeting, hugging, and dancing all night. Make sure that she feels comfortable in whatever ensemble you both decide is best. Help her choose something that fits well, flatters her, and--perhaps most importantly--is something that she would choose for herself. You don't want mom to be uncomfortable in her own skin on the most important night of her daughter's life! Let her be herself, show a little flair, and feel absolutely beautiful. Most moms don't treat themselves to a new, fun dress too often. Let her show off a little!

Mother's ensemble by Watters

These same guidelines apply for all the important women in your bridal party: grandma, groom's mom, step-moms, and godmothers. Each of them wants to feel special on your big day, and look amazing. And for the best-dressed bridal party possible, of course come visit Lily & Iris! We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you for the fashion advice for moms, Lenni! Brides, if you haven't talked to your mom yet about what she'll be wearing on your big day, pick up the phone and give her call. Then make an appointment at Lily & Iris and go see all the gorgeous options that await her.

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