The White (and Black) Stripes: A Bride, a Groom, and a Zebra--Photo Shoot by Travis J Photography

By Tessa Woolf July 20, 2011

Meet Zury. Zury is handsom, hails from Draper, and loves black and white. No, Zury is not the groom in today's featured photo shoot--Zury is the zebra. Yup, zebra. Like, the kind you see at the zoo or on an African safari. (Or, apparently, roaming Utah meadows.)

Animal prints are right on trend this season, and Utah couple Eliesa and Brad (aka the bride and groom) took the trend to a whole new level with their animal-friendly photo shoot. It's hard to steal the spotlight from a radiant bride like Eliesa, but Zury the Zebra nearly pulled it off in this bridal/groomal shoot by Travis J Photography.

Like many models, Zury was nervous to have his photo taken, but Travis quickly calmed his nerves--and those of Eliesa and Brad--and the trio had a ball hamming it up for the camera. The result? Unique, memorable, and stylish bride and groom portraits. After all, a black and white color palette is always classic when it comes to weddings (even when it comes in the form of a zebra).

Congratulations Eliesa and Brad!

Thank you Travis J Photography for sharing this bridal/groomal/zebra shoot!

*No animals were harmed in the making of this photo shoot.