The Mane Event: Wedding Day Hair Tips from Stylist Gabby Gabbitas

By Tessa Woolf June 9, 2011

So, you've got the dress, you found matching heels and the perfect clutch, you even know the shade of lipstick you want on your pout--but what will you do with your locks? Will you rock pin-straight strands, loose curls, or a sleek updo? Veil or no veil? Hair comb, pins, headband, fascinator?

Gorgeous options abound when it comes to choosing a look for your wedding day hair, but how can you best find a style that's right for you? Look no further than the pros: Local hair stylist, makeup artist, and all around beauty guru, Gabby Gabbitas shares her tips and advice for brides planning their wedding day hair. Take it away, Gabby!

This may be the biggest party you ever plan and it's centered all around you (and your groom, too, I suppose) so you need to be sure you are looking your absolute best for your special day!

Besides finding the dress, your wedding hairstyle should be at the top of your to-do list. On your wedding day, you should feel like the most glamorous version of yourself. This is the time in your life to put yourself first, allow yourself to get pampered, and just feel really good about everything. You deserve are about to get married!

Here are five helpful tips to get prepared when it comes to your wedding day hair:

1. Ask yourself if your current hair stylist would be a good candidate to style you. Be sure to check with your stylist, because many hair stylists actually don't do wedding hair. If your stylist doesn't, ask them if they have any referrals for you.

2. Start looking at pictures in magazines and online to find your wedding day inspiration. (A great website to refer to for inspiration is Tear out pages from mags, print them from blogs and websites, and save them in a folder. Think about what you like about each picture, also what you don't like as much. This is really helpful to your hair stylist. Keep in mind that if you feel most beautiful when your hair is down, then you probably don't want to wear your hair up in a fancy, sleek up-style, and vice-versa. You still need to feel like you.

3. Figure out what fits with your budget. Wedding hair is an expense and you need to decide what you are willing to put towards it.

4. Think about how you'd like your hair color and haircut before the wedding. If your hair is black and you want to be blonde for your big day, then you better saddle up and start the color process months prior to your wedding. Talk with your colorist, even if it's a year in advance, and get their advice when it comes to your color. As for your haircut, if your hair isn't as long as you'd hope it would be for the wedding, there may options available to you with hair extensions.

5. Do a trial run before the wedding. This is something you want to do two to four weeks before the wedding. The goal of this hair appointment is to figure out the exact way your hair should be styled. This way there is no stress, and on the day of the wedding you and your stylist will be on the same page, so you can just relax while you get beautified. Go to the trial run appointment with clean hair, and bring the following: a picture of your wedding dress, your veil or any hair accessories, and your inspiration photos.

Thank you, Gabby, for sharing these helpful wedding day hair tips! I love Gabby's line about feeling like the most glamorous version of yourself on your wedding day--isn't that what every bride wants?

If you'd like to chat with Gabby about your wedding day hair, you can contact her at Studio 9 Salon (926 E 900 S, SLC, 801-532-2929). And for more of Gabby's hair and makeup tips for the big day and beyond, check out her blog: