Expert Advice: Enizio's Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

By Tessa Woolf June 29, 2011

Ladies, let's talk about makeup for a moment, shall we? It's fun, girly, and can you make feel gorgeous, dahling. Since our tween or teen years (or, um, earlier for some--no judgement), we've learned to swipe on a coat of mascara, sweep on some blush, and slick on lip gloss. Easy enough. So when it comes time for your big day, surely you can just do your own wedding makeup, right?

Not so fast--sure, there are some confident souls who can roll up their sleeves and tackle the task themselves, but for your moment in the spotlight, wouldn't you rather have the job done by a professional? (aka, someone who has the experience and know-how to make you feel your absolute best.) After all, you're the bride, which means you're allowed to be pampered and indulged--take advantage of it!

In talking to countless brides, I've found many aren't aware of the benefits hiring a professional makeup artist can offer, so I asked Cynthia Dean--makeup guru and owner of Enizio--to share her top five reasons for hiring a beauty pro for the big day. Before you decide to DIY your wedding day look, read on. Plus, check out Enizio's before and after photos of real Utah brides.

Enizio's Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding:

1. SKIN PREP -This is crucial for a great makeup application. A good palette is the key to getting makeup to last, as well as look flawless. A professional artist's ability to properly prep the skin for makeup is one of the secrets to a flawless face.

Enizio bride before professional makeup

Enizio bride after professional makeup

Image by Camilla Binks Photography

2. CONTOURING -When you photograph, you do so two-dimensionally. Professional makeup artists use highlights and shadows to make you appear three-dimensional for your photography. This technique is called "contouring." This same technique is used to enhance facial features by bringing certain features out, creating a sense of balance, and adding definition to makeup with color.

3. APPLICATION - Getting the face camera-ready does not mean you have to cake on the makeup. Makeup artists know how and what to apply to make sure you look your best. Simply put, professionally applied makeup will help complete the look you spent so many months pulling together. Just a simple application of makeup that takes into consideration your unique features can have surprising effects. Combining the talent, skill, training, and experience of a professional makeup artist with those of a professional photographer is what produces the amazing results you want in your wedding photographs.

4. PRODUCTS/TOOLS - You may know the "how-to" when it comes to makeup but if you do not have the proper products and tools to achieve the look you desire, it will not matter. A proper contour requires at least two or three different shades of foundation. At $40 or so a pop, you've dropped $120 just on foundation. Add the eye shadows, primers, blush, mascara, eyebrow color, lip color, and, of course, the right brushes, and you've racked up quite a bill. Yes, you may be left with a bag full of fun new products to play with, but the reality is you'll never apply your makeup on an everyday basis the way you would for wedding photography. Makeup artists have all the products ready to go, and they can cost less than the price of those three foundations alone.

Enizio bride before professional makeup

Enizio bride after professional makeup

Image by Lyndsey Fagerlund Photography

5. LIGHTEN THE LOAD - There really is no way to explain to a bride the amount of stress that awaits her the day of her wedding. The way you look can make or break the way you feel on your wedding day. If you are self conscious about your hair and makeup, it will read in your photography and to your guests. Trust me, you won't regret the hour of pampering for a full day of looking fabulous. Your hair and makeup should be the least of your worries, and if you hire a professional you will be left in good hands.

Thank you Cynthia for this informative post!

Brides (and maids!), if you'd like to chat with Cynthia about your wedding day makeup, you can contact her at Studio Enizio: call 801-341-5041 or visit