A Return to Glamour: Gorgeous Bride + Groom Shoot by Kate Benson Photography

By Tessa Woolf June 17, 2011

Maybe it was all the incredible fashion I spied in Spain. Maybe it was the stack of European fashion mags I hauled back home on the plane with me. Maybe it's my obsession (still) with the Royal Wedding and Kate Middleton and all her classy ensembles. Whatever it is, I am currently craving all things glamourous, from fashion to weddings and everything in between.

After years of "vintage" and all its iterations--vintage-chic! rustic-vintage!--I am ready for something new. (Don't get me wrong, I love vintage and I love rustic, but when they're all you're seeing day in and day out, it's nice--even necessary--to shake things up a bit). Right now, I want something clean, something elegant, something PRETTY.  And I found just what I've been looking for in this beautiful, lovely, oh-so stylish bride and groom shoot by Kate Benson Photography. Hallelujah!

Red lips! Red nails! Perfectly coiffed hair! This is glamour in all it's glory.

Megan, the bride, found her elegant gown at The Bride's Shop in Salt Lake City. The gown was originally sleeveless, so she had 3/4 sleeves added for a more modest silhouette. Her incredible bouquet (just wait till you see more photos of it below) was created by Linda Winnie, the head florist/manager at Thanksgiving Point, with the help of the bride's sister, Lisa Davies.

Andrew, Megan's dapper groom, complemented his bride's classy ensemble in a tan suit and navy blue bow tie.

Kate Benson, the photographer, pretty much sums up the shoot with this quote:

When I saw Megan and Andrew get out of their car for their photos I nearly died... AND she's only 20, how impressive is her style?! She reminded me of Jacqueline Kennedy.


Yup, my feelings exactly.

Do you die over Megan's dress and bouquet? Bring on the glamour, brides and grooms! I'll take a second helping of Megan and Andrew's smart style any day.

Congratulations Megan and Andrew! Thank you Kate Benson Photography for sharing this gorg bride and groom shoot!